Carpet Stain Remover Karcher RM769 (500 ml)

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Carpet Stain Remover Karcher RM769 (500 ml)



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Product Description

Karcher Carpet Stain Remover RM769

Perfect for cleaning and removing stubborn stains from carpets. 

This is an all round stain remover, from Karcher for removing stains from both carpets and upholstery. 

Effective Carpet and Rug Cleaner.

Karcher product RM769 is effective at shifting stains caused by oil, tar, shoe polish, ink, pens and adhesives from solvent resistant surfaces. Infact, it is perfect for removing many types of stain you might be tasked with getting rid of.

So,wondering how to remove stains?

The Karcher Stain Remover is your answer and removes stains with ease

The Karcher Stain Remover RM769 product can be used with the following cleaning equipment:

Karcher Puzzi 100 | Karcher Puzzi 8 | Karcher Puzzi 200 |
Karcher Puzzi 300
| Karcher Puzzi 400 | Karcher scubber driers BR

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Technical Specification

Karcher stain remover RM76

Spray bottle (packaging suitable for recycling).

Substance made from 30% organic solvents.