Karcher Underbody Chassis Cleaner Accessory

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Karcher Underbody Chassis Cleaner Accessory



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Product Description

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Karcher Underbody Chassis Cleaner Accessory for car cleaning and other vehicles.

This chassis cleaner accessory from Karcher is ideal for cleaning the under chassis of all types of vehicle.

Car care - It cleans and protects the underside of your vehicles car and truck underbody from the highly corrosive combination of salt and water.

Chassis Cleaning of all Vehicles

The underbody chassis clean accessory is suitable for all vehicle heights from sports cars to 4x4s as it has an adjustable cleaning head from 11cm to 38 cm. Simply move the underbody chassis cleaner along the length while cleaning a car or other vehicle.

You simply operate the chassis cleaner by pulling the trigger gun and it will release water flow forcing it through the two rotating jets at high pressure giving you the power and pressure you need.

The Karcher Accessory can be used in an upright position for improved working posture. The product is designed with 4 easy gliding wheels for great manoeuvring when cleaning the underside of your vehicle.

Chassis Cleaner Cleans Every Angle

The Karcher Underbody Chassis Cleaning Accessory comes complete with full onboard storage for the two 0.5m extension lances which can also be used with other Karcher accessories so you can extend your working radius. This fits onto the end of the pressure washer.

The under chassis cleaner comes in sections. The first part is the rotating high pressure head which is the part that goes under the vehicle this clips into the detergent applicator and next, a section of pipe that allows you to store your extension lance as well as transferring water down the pipe to the head. The next section is the mobility joint on wheels. The last two sections are extension lances that can be used with other pressure washers and accessories as well as the chassis cleaner and vary the length of this. The chassis cleaner also comes with car shampoo 250ml and protection treatment 250ml. These preserve the vehicles longevity as it allows you to clean underneath.  The foam nozzle provides intensive foam for a thoroughly deep clean.

This latest versatile cleaning package from Karcher Brand Manufacturer Page includes a sample of detergent and protection treatment. The protection treatment is applied after the deep cleaning detergent has been applied and then removed.  This sample of protection treatment included will protect your vehicle for up to 4 weeks.

This chassis cleaning accessory is compatible with all Karcher pressure washers with a bayonet fitting.

Use with the Karcher Protection Treatment RM596

Please have a look at the video to see the Karcher Underbody chassis cleaner in action